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7 Tips For Your First Dirt Bike Ride

a person riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

There’s no better way to enjoy Grand Junctions’ natural beauty than on a set of wheels designed for dirt, mud, and everything in between. And here at Adrenalin Driven Adventure Company (ADAC), you don’t have to own your own wheels to experience the thrills. We have dirt bike rentals for riders of all skill levels ranging from newbie to pro. If you’re ready for a little off-the-beaten-path adventure, we have just the bike for you. But, if you’re a beginner there are a few tips and tricks you’ll want to know before you leave the rental lot. Follow this advice, and you’ll be a dirt bike legend in no time. Well, maybe not a legend, but with this sage advice you’ll be tearing up the trails without delay.

You Can’t Cut Corners When it Comes to Safety
Both the trail and the weather can be unpredictable here in Grand Junction. When you rent a dirt bike, some corners just can’t be cut, and safety is one of those corners. Always tell someone your travel/trial plans and your expected return time. Remember that cell coverage can be spotty on our trail systems. Be conscious of your clothing and dress accordingly, sturdy shoes, preferably riding boots and long pants are required. We also rent additional gear packages that include boots, pants, jerseys, helmets, goggles, gloves, and PPE.

Start Slowly (Paddle Along)
We know that you’ve rented a dirt bike to get some speed, but while learning to get moving, start out slow. As you gain forward momentum on the bike, don’t be too quick to pull your feet up. Riders who put their feet on the pegs too quickly tend to let out the clutch too quickly. Instead, paddle your feet along the ground with the bike as you get up to speed.

A Dirt Bike is NOT a Bicycle
Dirt bike rigging is a whole body sport. On a bicycle you sit heavy in the seat with your elbows down. Dirt biking is not a leisure ride through the park. A dirt bike stance should be alert and aggressive to soak up bumps and give the rider better control. Sit forward on your dirt bike with your knees gripping the bike. By squeezing with your knees, you can use your leg power to tilt and turn the bike. Your weight should be on the foot pegs and your back should be straight. This will give you more power for quick turns and better control if you start to lose traction.

The Clutch isn’t Like a Car’s 
The clutch on a dirt bike is an amazing thing. The first thing you’ll want to learn is that you can use the clutch almost like a panic button. That’s because when you pull the clutch, it disengages power to the rear wheel. A dirt bike’s clutch is your best friend if you’re a new rider. Remember to keep your fingers on the clutch whenever the bike is moving forward. This is a good practice to develop starting with your very first ride. Another thing to remember is that unlike car, you don’t need the clutch to downshift, only when switching up gears. If you’re learning to downshift for the first time, this article could help.

Know Your Limits
Avoid bravado and don’t give in to peer pressure. When you first take a foray into dirt bike riding, focus on enjoyment and refrain from trying to show off skills you haven’t fully mastered. Don’t be tempted to rent more bike than you can handle. For older beginners we recommend the CRF 110, younger riders should look at the CRF 50. Adult riders should consider the CRF 250F or the CRF 125 BIG WHEEL.

Follow The Rules
At ADAC you must be 21 to rent a dirt bike and have a valid driver’s license. Children are allowed to ride, but they must be accompanied by adults. You will also be required to provide proof of insurance. Extra riders and pets are not allowed so plan accordingly. You can find a complete list of rules here.

Book a Guided Tour
Spending a day out on the trails with a dirt bike or UTV is one of the best adventures you can experience in Grand Junction. We hope this list of tips and advice will help you to make the most of your dirt bike ride. At Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company, we recommend first-time riders book a 1/2-day guided tour which includes instruction from a knowledgeable guide. But whether this is your first time out on the trails or you are a seasoned pro we have the bike or UTV you’re looking for. Contact us today! 

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