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What’s the Best Vehicle to Rent When Off-Roading in Grand Junction?

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Everything You Need to Know About Renting an Off-Roading Vehicle in Grand Junction.

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about the outdoors? Are you in need of an adventure? Maybe you have a stirring to go explore and get away from life’s everyday monotony? If so, then it’s time you consider satisfying those urges by taking an Off-Road adventure on the Western Slope of Colorado. And what better place to start than in the humble town of Grand Junction, Colorado, filled with a vast diversity of some of the state’s most unique and beautiful terrain.
There are many things to take into consideration when going on an Off-Road adventure. First would be location. Do you plan on ascending the tops of the Rocky Mountains, exploring the local vineyards, or racing around the unforgiving desert sands? Whatever it is, Grand Junction and the surrounding Western Slope has it all.

The second thing to consider for your Off-Road adventure, is what kind of 4X4 vehicle will be most fitting for your quest. Do you need an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV), or a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV)? Also consider: How many people are joining you? What additional gear and supplies will you be packing? Can your vehicle handle your adventure’s chosen terrain? Let’s discuss the specifics of each one and see what is most fitting for you.
Utility Task Vehicle – UTVs often referred to as a Side-by-Side (SXS), a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), or Multi-Use Vehicle (MUV). UTVs have quickly become one of the most popular Off-Road become the new go to toy for those who want to play Off-Road. Because of their extreme capacity for both speed and their ability to take the toughest punishment, they have established themselves as the favorite Off-Road vehicle for anyone wanting to explore the Grand Junction area.

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Rent a UTV, the Polaris RZR at Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company in Grand Junction Colorado

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Rent a UTV, the Polaris General at Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company in Grand Junction Colorado

Most UTVs have bench or bucket seats and can sit anywhere from two-to-four people. They’re designed for rougher terrain, off-roading, hauling, and workhorse sort of tasks. Many designs are equipped with a small storage space for any extra gear or supplies. Some of the differences that separate a UTV from other off-road vehicles that they are often equipped with a windshield and a roll cage. UTVs are also equipped with a steering wheel like a car or a truck.

UTVs are meant to deliver performance and versatility for the all-around adventurer. They offer power, suspension, acceleration, and premium comfort for the whole family. Most are capable of perfectly handling Colorado’s heavy desert sand, muddy terrain, rugged Rocky Mountain trails, and everything in between.
Polaris Razors (Rzrs) are the industry’s best selling UTV, and set the standard for the competition. They’re powerful aggressive vehicles with a heavy-duty suspension that allows for top of the line agility, with a comfortable and refined cockpit that allows you to conquer any terrain. Dominate the day trails in a two or four-seater.

All-Terrain Vehicle – ATVs are smaller than UTVs and are usually meant for a single rider. ATVs are more along the lines of recreational use and often used in racing/sports because they’re nimble and handle well. Because of their size, they fit into tight spaces, and are extremely popular among hunters. These are your traditional quads, 4-wheelers, and highly popular among hunters. ATVs are straddled like a horse or motorcycle and have handlebars rather than a steering wheel. ATVs are usually designed for single-rider use. Although you can often fit a second rider, safety then becomes the main concern since there is no rollcage, and not a lot for them to hold onto. The Honda Fourtrax and Polaris Sportsman have become among the most popular ATVs in Grand Junction.
Off-Highway Vehicle – OHVs are mainstream vehicles usually designed specifically for Off-Road use. They’re the popular choice when a car simple won’t get the job done. They’re great for mud, snow, sand, moderately steep and rocky inclines, making them popular with ranchers, hunters, and even the military. If you need an enclosed vehicle, the most popular and most well-known would be Jeep, whose rugged construction and range of four-wheel capabilities make it a top choice for backcountry hikers and snowshoers, fishing enthusiasts, and campers. Dirt bikes and dune buggies also fall into this category as popular choices for those wanting to explore backtrails. Some automakers like Toyota, Land Rover, Ford, and Subaru produce popular SUVs with off-highway capabilities.

UTVs, ATVs, and OHVs all have their specific needs, the most popular choice for those wanting to explore Grand Junction and the Western Slope is likely to be the UTV. They are highly diverse and able to conquer the unforgiving and dusty expanses of desert sands, or help you in your ascent to the tops of the Uncompahgre and Grand Mesa. They’re perfect for the family, the high-speed adventurer, or the recreational explorer. UTVs will help you find yourself at some of the best viewpoints on the Western Slope. Make your way along the Colorado river to some of the most secluded fishing holes around. Explore the gorgeousness McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. Tour the Grand Valley’s stunning wine country vineyards. Discover the beautiful Grand Mesa, the World’s Largest Flat top mountain. No matter what your Grand Junction adventure, a UTV can do it all.

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