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What to Pack on Your ATV Adventure

a man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

Have you recently booked an ATV Tour or are thinking about going on an ATV adventure? Good for you! But, do you have everything you need for a long day in the great outdoors? It takes experience to come up with the perfect list. Every detail matters, whether it’s your first time riding on Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company’s (ADAC) 500,000+ acres of trails, or your millionth. There are many elements to consider while riding, like the weather, the duration of the journey, the terrain type, and so on. Even though we will provide you with as much as possible, it is important to be well prepared for any possibility. While it can seem overwhelming, our knowledge and skills, as well as this list of what to pack on your ATV adventure, will ensure that you have the best time possible.

Proper Riding Gear
When it comes to riding, safety is your number one priority. Always be prepared and make sure you have the appropriate attire. Helmets (provided with rentals), goggles, gloves, and boots are all required riding gear. However, you should be ready for any conditions that may arise. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants will protect you from burns, cuts, bites, and even injuries. If it’s cold outside, bring an extra jacket or a hat. Clear lens glasses and shield protection are recommended if the paths are muddy and wet. Finally, bring sunscreen to protect your skin from UV Rays. For an extended list, view this article.

Maps, Cellphone, GPS
Unfamiliar paths can be daunting at times, especially if you are riding alone. Come prepared with useful items that will guide you to safety. A map of the terrain will show you the different routes available, as well as the safe paths that will lead you back to the start. A fully charged telephone will allow you to communicate with others and call for assistance if you become lost. It also prepares you for great photo opportunities. Also, a spare portable charger is useful if your phone’s battery runs out or if it dies. Remember that cell service isn’t always guaranteed so having a GPS or paper map is worth the peace of mind.

Additional ATV equipment
You might be thinking, “But doesn’t the ATV come with everything we need?” While we do provide most of what you will need, taking extra precautions adds another layer of safety for you and your party. If you are going on a long ride, extra gas is crucial to get back home. Storage containers will provide security and ensure that nothing goes missing or is lost. On top of that, bringing straps to secure all of your belongings is a great way to prevent everything from falling off the ATV. We practice Leave No Trace, if it goes out with you, it comes back with you. Lastly, accidents can happen. Come prepared and bring a well-stocked first-aid kit so you are ready for anything, no matter how unlikely.

Enough Food and Water
This might seem obvious, but many people do not realize how easy it is to get worn out while having fun. We recommend that you bring foods that are high in energy and nutrients. Snack packs, trail mix, sandwiches, and fruit, are all excellent examples. Make sure you have enough water to last you the entire day. There is a good chance that there will be no water sources available on the trails, so bringing several bottles will be beneficial. No one ever complained about being over-prepared.

Extra Useful Items
Aside from the essential ATV equipment and supplies, don’t forget to bring some extra fun items. You will be stopping along the way, so be prepared. Cameras, books, music, day packs, identification, money, extra clothing, bug repellant, sandals, or even radio are all useful goods to have on hand. Make sure the trip is a memorable one!

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