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Allowing For the Use of UTV’s on Horizon Drive, H Road and 27 1/4 Road in the City of Grand Junction

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Now you can Drive your Rented Polaris RZR to the Grand Valley OHV Recreation Area

Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company in Grand Junction Colorado is excited to announce that now you can drive directly from their facility at 750 1/4 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction, Co 81506 to the Grand Valley OHV Recreation area off of 27 and 1/4 Rd.

This new city ordinance allows access to east of Grand Junction and north of Grand Junction to this incredible Recreation Area and BLM access that is so awesome for UTV vehicles. This North Desert terrain allows for all-weather driving conditions that are just Perfect for Polaris RZR.
Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company has custom-fitted the Polaris RZR models they rent to conform to this new ordinance and the requirements for on road access to the Grand Valley OHV and BLM Recreation areas. This means that when you choose to rent a UTV vehicle from Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company that you can drive that vehicle directly to your adventure destination safely.  Changing the law of the City of Grand Junction so that Customers can directly access BLM Recreation Areas is Just one way that Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company is becoming the best 2019 Certified Outfitter and Polaris Adventure Hub in America.

Here is the Official Approved Ordinance:
Adrenaline Adventure, a business that rents off-highway vehicles – also known as Utility Type Vehicles or Utility Terrain Vehicles – UTV’s ” has requested City Council to allow, as a pilot project, limited and specific use of certain City streets for its customers to access public lands North and East of the City.
Adrenaline Adventure (“Business” or “the Business”) is located at 750 1/z Horizon Drive and is within 3 miles of public lands. Colorado law allows a local jurisdiction to regulate the operation of off-highway vehicles on, inter alia, streets and highways within its jurisdiction, but no street or road which is part of the State or Federal highway system. With this Ordinance, the City is designating specific segments of specific streets {“Allowed Streets” as defined herein) for limited use by UTV’s.
The Police Chief and VGJ Director have recommended that the Businesses’ request be granted, subject to the conditions set forth in this Ordinance. Because the request is for a trial period and significant conditions have been set, the Council finds that the public interest will be served by the adoption of this Ordinance.
While the City Council has determined to favorably consider the Ordinance, the City is not a joint venturer with the Business and is not endorsing or otherwise sanctioning the Business or its operations and the Ordinance will expire January 1,2021 if not renewed.
The Code of Ordinances of the City of Grand Junction is hereby amended by the addition of a new section in Chapter 10 of the Grand Junction Municipal Code (“GJMC”) numbered which shall read as follows:
1. Definition. For the purposes of this section, “UTV” means any recreational vehicle designed for and capable of travel over unimproved terrain, traveling on four or more tires, having a width of 70 inches or less and having side by side seating with a steering wheel for operation. A UTV does not include an all-terrain vehicle, a motorcycle or a snowmobile. (An ATV means a recreational vehicle 52 inches or less in width traveling on three or more low pressure tires with a seat designed to be straddled by the operator and designed for or capable of travel over unimproved terrain.)
2. Boundary. A UTV may be driven on Horizon Drive East of 1-70, H Road to 27 1/4 Road and 27 1/4 Road North of H Road, which are the Allowed Streets; UTV’s are not permitted on Horizon Drive East of 1-70 and Crossroads Boulevard to 27 % Road. No UTV may be operated on any other street, road, alley, path or trail, including but not limited to the Riverfront Trail, within the City limits of Grand Junction, including any state or federal highways.
3. Rules and Restrictions.
(a) No person shall operate a UTV in the City of Grand Junction except on Allowed Streets and then only if:
(i) the UTV is equipped at a minimum with one or more DOT approved headlamps; and one or more tail lamps; and no less than one rear view mirror; and a horn or an audible warning device emitting no less than 55 dB; and a steering wheel; and a foot controlled accelerator; and a foot brake/braking system; electric turn signals with one on each side of the vehicle front and rear; and a windshield unless the operator and front seat passenger wear eye protection while operating the vehicle; and an illuminated speedometer and seats and seatbelts for each occupant. All required equipment must be intact and fully operational if/when the UTV’s is operated on Allowed Streets; and,
(ii) not operated during the time from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after
sunset; and,
(iii) in a direct route from the Business to public lands open to the public and legally accessible from the Allowed Streets; and,
(iv) such person possesses, on the person of the operator, a valid adult driver’s license; and,
(v) in a way and/or at a speed which exceeds or impedes the normal flow of traffic; the operator has the affirmative duty to observe all traffic laws; and,
(vi) the operator is not under the influence of, or impaired by, alcohol and/or any drug(s). The definition of, and proof of, intoxication or impairment shall be as set forth in C.R.S. 42-4-1202 et. seq. The operator of a UTV that is arrested for operating a UTV while under the influence of or impaired by alcohol and/or drug(s) shall submit to chemical testing as set forth in Title 42 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. Failure to submit to a test as required shall result in the immediate revocation of the operators’ driver’s license; and,
(vii) the UTV has a current annual inspection and permit from the Grand Junction Police Department, which permit shall be attached to the UTV at all times that the UTV is being operated upon Allowed Streets as designated by the City; and,
(viii) such person has, on his/her person, proof of motor vehicle insurance, that is current and provides liabiHty coverage for injury to persons and property.
(ix) any violation of the foregoing (3(i)-(viii)) may be cause for the City Counci! to repeal this ordinance and rescind the approval afforded the Business to sanction operation of UTV’s on Allowed Streets.
(b) The operator of a UTV on Allowed Streets shall comply with all applicable provisions of the traffic code adopted by the City and the State of Colorado. In the event of conflict, the more restrictive law, rule or regulation shall control.
(c) Nothing in this section authorizes the operation of a UTV on rights-of-way under the jurisdiction of Mesa County, it is the duty of each operator of a UTV to ascertain whether a right-of-way is within the City limits.
4. Permit Required. The Police Chief or his designee, after having determined that the UTV and the Business are in compliance with requirements of this Ordinance, will issue an annual permit for each compliant UTV. Such permits will be valid from the date of issuance unless revoked for Just cause. Fees for the permit will be $50.00 per UTV per year. The City Council may alter such fees by resolution.
5. Inspection. Police officers are authorized to stop a UTV which is being operated on an Allowed Street in the City without probable cause or other reason, at any time, to verify that the operator has a valid permit and to inspect for required safety equipment. The Business shall notify its customers that UTV’s are subject to random inspection and that the customers may not assert claims to the contrary.
6. Insurance. The City Council shall, by resolution, establish the minimum requirements of required insurance.
7. Penalties. Any person who violates any provision of this ordinance is guilty of a misdemeanor which is punishable by a fine of up to and including $500.00.
8. Severability. It is the intention of the City Council that the provisions of this ordinance are not severable. If any provision of this ordinance is declared unconstitutional or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction such unconstitutionality or invalidity shall invalidate all of the provisions of this ordinance.
9. Sunset Clause. Within sixty days prior to January 1 , 2021, the expiration date of this ordinance, the City Council shall consider the effectiveness of the ordinance at achieving its stated purposes and protecting the general health, safety and welfare of the residents of the City. Without further action by the City Council, the terms and provisions of this ordinance shall expire on January 1, 2021without subsequent action by the City Council.
Effective: July 19, 2019

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