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Experience Adventure in Western Colorado in a Polaris RZR UTV on 1.5 Million Acres of BLM Access

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When we wanted to go and make Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company the best Polaris Adventure Hub and be part of Polaris RZR Rentals and Tours, we wanted to do this on a whole other level, and set ourselves apart from what everybody else was trying to do. And in doing that, we went out and got the biggest BLM permitted recreational land use in all the nation.
​ When we started out, we were granted access to 350,000 acres for our Polaris RZR and UTV tours alone. So if you rented one of our Polaris Side by Side vehicles, you’d have access to almost all of Western Colorado. That was your play area. Here at Adrenaline Driven Adventures, we provide guided tours and U -Drive tours of these 350,000 acres. As the first of July, we were granted access to two sides of the mesa and the entire Uncompahgre. Now giving us about 1.5 million acres of use.

On top of all that, we’re going to be reaching out to the BLM again, and applying to use even more areas throughout Mesa County, Delta County, Montrose County, up into the Rangely area, over through Utah to Moab and other parts of southern Utah. We’re actually going to be applying for all of those permits to be able to use that land as well. If we succeed there, we’ll be increasing our scale to be the biggest Polaris Adventure Hub in the world when it comes to permanent land use.
We’ll be able to take you on an adventure throughout all of western Colorado and some of eastern Utah. A level above anything anybody else is. A lot of folks scale their Polaris Adventures outfitter according to how many miles of use that you have.
In our 250,000 acres in the North Desert, we have an unlimited number of trails. We actually went out to the BLM, and said, “Hey man, can you guys tell me in acreage how much use I have?” And they replied, “Well Lewis, you have about 350,000 acres right now.” We thought, Really? Is that a number? That’s Western Colorado.

So it’s kind of one of those things where we’re trying to build a brand here and be the biggest, the best, and the most exclusive place where you can come, rent a UTV, a Polaris side-by-side, and have the best experience that you’ll probably ever have in Western Colorado. There’s no other place on the planet that I’ve found where you can have five different terrains within 45 minutes of one Polaris Adventure Hub UTV rental service.
​ There’s just nobody else doing it. As for terrain, we have a High Mountain terrain, where the lush beautiful mountains, full of trees, wildlife, and things like that. We have the High Desert, which is our key main staple. It’s a vast open desert, has sandy washes, big tall hills, really great dirt for actually riding UTVs where it has great traction. Then you get out to Rabbit Valley where you have more sand, but you also get some steep rocky climb stuff as well. Bangs Canyon is what we call the baby sister of Moab. It’s basically the backside of the exact same mountain feature of Moab, so it’s like having.

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